Hackers Help: Want to sell rare Swivel Rocker POÄNG chair

Want to sell rare Swivel Rocker POÄNG chair

While my submission could be a hack to someone, it’s really about a very rare IKEA Swivel Rocker POÄNG chair I bought in the early ’90s when Ikea opened their store in Emmeryville CA. I purchased the very last one and was told it was introduced in a limited run and discontinued immediately, so not many were made or available. I’ve searched online year after year and have never seen another one, so this leads me to believe it’s close to being one of a kind.

Swivel POÄNG chair frameSwivel POÄNG chair base

It looks similar to a regular POÄNG chair but the wood is thicker and sturdier. It has a full rotating ball-bearing swivel base (excellent engineering) and a side lever that lets you adjust the rocker, back and forth or set it to be stationary. The base is a sunburst design with 5 curved feet.

Swivel POÄNG chair

This chair is just much more substantial than the regular POÄNG chairs yet it fits the regular cushions. Truthfully, I’ve used it very, very little over the years (being single and living alone mostly using my sofa to sit or lie on), using this chair mostly as extra seating for visitors.

Swivel vs Regular POÄNG chair

I’d love to know if anyone has seen this? Is anyone eager to buy should I sell it?

It can be taken apart and used in other ways I suspect.

~ by Mary in Boston

Other ideas to pimp the POÄNG chair:

– Turn the POÄNG into a Gravity Recliner
– Don’t like the tall back? Cut it down into a low back POÄNG
– The POÄNG is pretty comfortably but take it to the next level with a built-in massager
– The POÄNG frame makes an excellent rolling computer stand
– An easy armrest extension for tablet viewing or resting a cup of coffee


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